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During the Roman period, Roman roads passed close to what is now the centre of Preston.For example, the road from Luguvalium to Mamucium (now Carlisle to Manchester) crossed the River Ribble at Walton-le-Dale, An explanation of the origin of the name is that the Priest's Town refers to a priory set up by St Wilfrid near the Ribble's lowest ford.He told the audience he had been corresponding with Network Rail about surfacing the track and had been told doing so would present a health and safety risk by combining road and pedestrian traffic in the site.The compound was first created to carry out work on the railway tunnels however, the site has continued in use and Cllr Cunningham said it was being used as a regional hub for electrification works.This idea is supported by the similarity of the Paschal lamb on Preston's crest with that on St Wilfrid's.

The most rapid period of growth and development coincided with the industrialisation and expansion of textile manufacturing.is a city and the administrative centre of Lancashire, England.On the north bank of the River Ribble, it is an urban settlement and unparished area that together with surrounding rural civil parishes forms the City of Preston local government district of Lancashire.I want to remove the traffic from the surrounding areas and I want them to construct a short bit of road in order to do that.” The dirt track connects the 40mph area of St Peter’s Way to the car park of the site, Cllr Cunningham wants it to be properly surfaced and used as the main entrance to the site.Cllr Cunningham told the residents in Trinity Church, Market Street that he had seen Network Rail representatives in July and as a result signs had been put up in Church Road banning access to the North West Electrification Programme (NWEP) site via that route.

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